The WOODEN CRATE is a type of packaging that has a strong and flexible composition and structure. Even the frame at the same time as the chassis has different constructional features depending on the equipment or its capacity and like this it is made of FIANCHI, TEST COPERCHIO and FONDO. Its very nature is the less robust packaging than the case, and this is intuitively evident from the fact that the packaged material is visible, separated from the outside only through the boards that make up the crate. Nevertheless, its use can be safe in many circumstances, such as transport by truck. However, its very structure presupposes the insertion of a "single body" machine located at the bottom.

It is not conceivable to use for loose pieces. The bottom guarantees the seal and cage capacity for all packing. Stronger bases made up of sideboards and skirts, as well as the casing, ensure its reach.

Occasionally there is a need to apply the coupled barrier around the machine that will be inserted into the cage. It is not a practical solution for us because there is a serious risk that this will be broken, but if necessary you can insert it.

SPIL SRL is able to offer the most varied solutions according to the needs of the customer, providing the possibility to construct and mark every single packaging according to FAO ISPM 15 standards. For those machines destined for the EXTRA EUROPE market, a certificate issued directly by SPIL is foreseen to avoid the long periods of quarantine imposed by the various countries.

SPIL will be pleased to hear all your needs and generate solutions to every transport request. Contact us today!
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