The footstool is perhaps the simplest element among wooden packaging. Its main feature is the construction of the more or less robust bottom between the beams and the underpasses. It is the composition of the footstool that determines its scope. An important factor is the possibility that it is 4 WAYS rather than 2 Ways depending on whether you can take 4 rather than 2 sides. It is certainly a suitable solution for short trips especially within a warehouse rather than for short-haul trucks. SPIL SRL is able to offer the most varied solutions according to the needs of the customer, providing the possibility to construct and mark every single package according to FAO ISPM 15 standards. For those machines destined for the EXTRA EUROPE market, a certificate issued directly by SPIL is foreseen to avoid the long periods of quarantine imposed by the various countries. SPIL will be happy to hear all of your needs and to study every possible solution for achieving the best result.
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